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Smart video is here.
Soaq empowers organizations to accomplish more with video, by intelligently distributing the right videos to reach the right people, at the right time.
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Simple, elegant contact sharing.
Zedmo is a mobile web app that lets you share digital business cards in one step, while uncovering fascinating social media commonalities!
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Zedmo Labs

Zedmo Labs is a team of web and graphic designers, digital marketers, branding professionals, and idea generators who build websites and mobile apps. Our websites and apps are elegant and easy to manage.
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Who are we?

Noah Bloom

Noah Bloom is a mobile entrepreneur and tech anthropologist. He is a startup advisor and consultant on product, marketing, and growth. Previously, Noah was the CEO of Jiber, building mobile applications that enable people to have meaningful connections with people they meet and people nearby. He continues to be managing partner at the mobile and web developer Zedmo Labs. From 2002 until 2010, he was part of the founding team at Blueslice Networks, a Montreal-based mobile telecom infrastructure vendor, which was acquired by Tekelec in 2010 and now Oracle.

Daniel Wolfe

Co-founder of Soaq and Zedmo Inc. and Director of R&D at IsaiX, I'm a technology geek with experience in product design and development, sales and marketing. I live to innovate, and dream of ways to leverage technologies that make our lives easier (and more fun).

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